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First Time Home Buyers
Home Owners looking to sell
At Beverly McMillon Realty, we take care to provide our clients with full personalized services to meet and exceed their unique needs. Unique because no 2 experiences are ever the same, even if they start out alike. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and finding solutions tailored to fit them. From the wealthy to the credit challenged client, everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
There is a lot that goes into selling a  home. In todays economy it has become a buyers market but some seller are able to sell at or above their list price. With the right improvements, pricing and advertising, the results should be favorable. Some sellers have upside down or defaulted mortgages and require assistance talking with their lender. We have experience dealing with lenders, helping the home owner find the best solution for their situation. If needed we have Legal council available to assit as well.

Beverly McMillon Realty Services
Buying Investment Property
We get comfortable with our clients and discuss the finances to hear the goal. Then we get a loan officer involved for a pre approval to start looking in the right direction. If there is a need for credit repair or help with closing cost, we get the client involved in programs for credit repair, closing cost assistance, rehab funds, grants or loans. When our clients are ready for purchase, we look for the right property match for the dollar and negotiate the best possible price & terms. We follow and coordinate the deal from start to finish.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, invest or just ask questions, Beverly McMillon Realty is your 1 stop shopping experience. If you are facing foreclosure, have a jumbo mortgage that's upside down and feel all hope is gone or simply looking at answers to a reverse mortgage. Look no further, 

                    Call Beverly McMillon Realty.   That's all you need!!
Investors are looking for property that produces the maximum revenues with an acceptable rate of return, in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of outgoing expenses. At Beverly McMillon Realty, we help you explore all your options for the best deals available.
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